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Company Info

MaestroMedia Movie Group, is the creative driving force behind the following production companies:


MaestroMedia Screen Entertainment is a newly formed mainstream independent production company from MMGspecialising in quality Action, Comedy, Thriller and Dramatic productions and co-productions,

for the world-wide theatrical, home entertainment, streaming and television markets.


Pentagram Pictures Ltd. - With a decadent desire to take the audience on a ballistic blood-soaked journey into hard-hitting hell, Pentagram Pictures was created to unleash ‘old-school exploitation for a new grind-house generation’ onto the world-wide theatrical, home entertainment, streaming and television markets.


Dark Moon Motion Pictures - Inspired by more than a century of classic Horror and Science Fiction, Dark Moon brings a modern twist to the terror and strange new worlds that have thrilled audiences for decades. Unleashing British mainstream indie Horror to the world-wide theatrical, home entertainment, streaming and television markets.


Fleapit Filmhouse International - A forthcoming project from

MMG, for all lovers of cult and classic cinema! (more details coming soon…).

Company Director

Dean Meadows is an independent filmmaker and former magazine writer, editor, publisher, and cult film historian. 


Born in North West England, he began his career as an international touring musician and stage performer before moving on to fulfil his ambitions in the publishing and film industries.


Dean has contributed to such titles asEastern Heroes - The Number One Hong Kong Movie Magazine In The World’, ‘Impact - The Action Entertainment Magazine’, ‘Jade Screen - The Hong Kong Movie Magazine’, ‘Vengeance - The X-Treme Movie Magazine’, ‘The Action Elite’, and the distribution companies, Tai Sing Entertainment (UK), The 55th Chamber, Prism Leisure Corp, Crash Cinema, Artsmagic and Optimum Asia.


Dean is now the Director of MaestroMedia Movie Group Ltd, the driving force behind a number of projects and production companies; Pentagram Pictures Ltd, MaestroMedia Screen Entertainment, Dark Moon Motion Pictures and Fleapit Filmhouse International.


The first production from Pentagram Pictures Ltd, the grind-house style, 'Scarlett Cross: Agents Of D.E.A.T.H.was released in October 2022 in it’s ‘controversial’ uncut theatrical version on the streaming platform Troma Now! The standard version of the film is available worldwide on various platforms including, Amazon Prime Video, Tubi and Cineverse


Scarlett Cross: Agents Of D.E.A.T.H.has played as ‘Official Selection’ at 19 Film Festivals around the world, including the prestigious 10th anniversary event of the Urban Action Showcase and Expo in New York, and the Birmingham Film Festival, UK. The film has picked up 11 awards to date, including several wins for Best Film and Best Director, receiving ‘Honourable Mention’ at an additional 5 events.


Dean now has a further four productions in development and pre-production through MaestroMedia Movie Group Ltd.

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